Why did you go

You were my best friend

At least I still have Duke

I love you Duke

You are always there for me

I hope you never leave

Why did you leave scooter

At least you are in a better place now

I will be sad

But I will fight through it and be strong.

The Gossip File

The character that I connect to the most is Rachel.The reason it is Rachel is because she is just like me and she is a nervous wreck.The reason she is a nervous wreck is because she is going to see her dad and she hasn’t seen him in a very long time so she is nervous.She was so nervous that when the flight clerk asked her were her destination she blurted “Omaha” when she meant to say Orlando.Something That I learned is that it is always good to just be yourself and not be nervous.   

Breakfast in Bed

“Happy birthday to you”was all I heard when I woke up that morning.

 I woke up that morning and all I heard was “Happy birthday to you,” and then I cried “Omg”because I just realized it was my 10th birthday.

I saw my birthday pancakes  and they looked so good I could eat one thousand  of them.When I saw that there was a candles on top of the pancakes,so I blew them out.My dad gave me the pancakes,and I ate them like I haven’t eaten in one million years.I finally realized  that the sigh on the door clearly remarked “DO NOT  DISTURB.” I was as mad as a lion that did not eat breakfast because the day befor I stayed up all night,but then I thanked  them for the amazing food. My family got me up and walked me into the living room and seeing all my present’s,I was as happy as a baby’s first Christmas.

One thing that I learned was that it is always good to spend time with your family

Keep Trying

Why did she do this to me

I am smart

They don’t think I am

I know I am

I can make the quiz team

I know I can

I can ace this test

I can I can

I have to think hard

Why did she do that

I feel like a box of rocks

It feels like my heart is sinking

I have to keep trying

I can’t give up

Just one more question


I did it

I knew I could

I knew I could make the quiz team

I knew I could.



Dear Diary

I was so scared today when we got stopped by the   soldier that said “Halt” and prevented Ellen and me from finishing our race.Then I trembled when one of the soldiers started to look through Ellen’s backpack with the stock of his rifle.Then he touched my little sister’s hair and  I was hoping that Kirsti wouldn’t be her little stubborn self, but just my luck she had to say something rude.


Then as we walk home from school we looked straight ahead so we wouldn’t catch the eyes of two more soldiers,who stood with their guns on this corner as well.Kirsti scurried ahead of them through the door,chattering about the picture she was bringing home from kindergarten to show Mama.For Kirsti the soldiers were simply part of the landscape, something that had always been there, on every corner, as unimportant as lampposts, throughout her remembered life.


Well diary that is all I have to write about today.








The time I almost Fainted


Went the pans my brother woke me up with,

They were as loud as drums,

Then I realized what day it was,


So then we got my dad and my step-mom up,

Then we opened presents,

I opened all my presents except one,

I unwrapped my last present,


I was so excited I almost fainted,

They also got me a helmet.  

Screenshot 2016-01-05 at 9.52.42 AM




Compare and contrast brainstorming

 Today I am going to tell about how communicating in person and communicating with technology is the same.One way they are the same is you are still talking to that person.They both show emotion.One time I was talking to my mom and she said something funny.Seeing each other is still possible.Long conversations are still possible.Once I was having a conversation with my friend on Skype.Meeting new people is possible either way.Well there are some ways they are the same.

 Today I am going to tell you about how communicating using technology and in person are different.One of the ways they are different are you can lose connection if you are using technology.Like one time I was talking to my mom and I lost connection.If you are in person you better understand what the person is saying.Like one time I was on the phone with my mom and I didn’t understand what she said.Sometimes the person on technology doesn’t know what you are saying.When you are in person you know who you are talking to.Body language can get the message across.Well, now I am going to tell you how I like to communicate,I like to communicate in person so I can get to know that person better.

The Trolls

One day I went hiking and came up on some mysterious trouble.       


 One day I went hiking and as I was climbing to the top of the mountain and going back down I ran into some mountain trolls.


The trolls said,”Freeze” I said,”But I need to cut by and go back down the mountain”they said”Well you can’t this is our stable and owned territory”. Then I asked what their names where they said,”We are Bossy,Sleepy,and Grumpy.”Then I said ,”Well I need to get by and go back down the mountain”They said,”Well you can’t”I said ,”Why can’t we we be friends”They said,”What are friends”. 


Well I will explain,”Friends are people that will have your back during stiff times and they will comfort you”Then the trolls said,”Wow I want a friend”I said,”Well why can’t we be friends?”  They said,”Ok we will be friends”.Then at this point they let me pass.I said,”Do you want to come with me?”They said,”Yes”.

5th Grade Reflections

Over all of the 5th grade has been really fun and I have had really awesome friends that if I was sad then they would cheer me up.So I am really lucky to have them has my friends.This school year has gone fast and I don’t want to leave my awesome teachers.